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School Guidance Counselor


guidance counselorCounselors are educators at schools although they have offices and not classrooms.  School Counselors go into classrooms for classroom guidance and they bring students into their offices for individual and group counseling.  Counselors help students prepare for the future by helping them learn life lessons such as attitude, behavior, character and relationships.  Another role of school counselors is helping students to develop a better understanding of themselves and of their goals in life.  Counselors work with students as they strive to achieve those goals by listening, giving suggestions and alternatives, offering support and encouragement, and helping identify problems and possible solutions.


Making sure that students are prepared to learn is probably the most important role of the counselor.  If something is blocking student progress, the counselor works with everyone involved to try to resolve or minimize problems.  These problems could be related to academic difficulties, personal issues, family matter, or social concerns.  Concerns that block student progress have to be addressed in order for the student to do his or her best.  The school counselor serves as a resource for students, teachers, parents and community as every effort is made to assure student progress.